Episode 10: Visiting the Fruit Stand

Episode 10: Visiting the Fruit Stand

Behold: Apple Store! Your one stop shop for mysteriously expensive computers!

For our tenth regular show, first we look back at the news of the fortnight, including preliminary reports that the Apple Card will not support joint accounts, new OS versions: iOS 12.2, tvOS 12.2, WatchOS 5.2, and MacOS 10.14.4, the departure of chip architect Gerard Williams III, and a moment of silence for AirPower. We then dig into a mini-review of the newly released AirPods 2 (with wireless charging!). In the HomeKit Chronicles, HomeKit support is now live on the first smart TVs, and Jake makes a connectivity breakthrough that must be shared. In our main topic, we spend some time talking in depth about the Apple Store experience, past, present, and future? What we love, what was not as great, and where did we get our Apple products in the dark days of yesteryear? Also, a special guest stops by to say hi.

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