Episode 6: That New Mac Smell

Episode 6: That New Mac Smell

Swaggering about with powerful new Macs, they seemed to say “Look at me, Rex Banner: I have a new Mac!”

For our sixth regular show, first we look at a few items of Apple news, including crazy FaceTime bugs, privacy shenanigans from Facebook and Google, Apple Q1 results, iPad mini rumors, more iOS beta pludging, and hints that Roku may finally be joining the Airplay 2 party. In the HomeKit Chronicles, we take a look at baby cameras, and HomeKit cameras in general, and Jake shares an eero /DNS trick to improve HomeKit function, and in our main topic its Christmas Redux as Jake and Dan both enjoy that new Mac smell and compare and contrast the Mini and the MacBook Pro, and share our thoughts and opinions. Join us for Macsmas in February in the Icon Garden!

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